Ningbo ZOSEY Trade Co., LTD. Is a comprehensive service enterprise specializing in the r&d, production and marketing planning of beauty and skincare products. Our products have technical cooperation with Korea and Japan.

The company culture

Zhe translates with love, awakening and charm as the corporate culture.

The aim is to awaken more women to love themselves, to show their personal charm, and to make them shine like flowers.

If you are in bloom, the butterfly will come!

Zhe's mission

To create good skin care products and to wake up a brand of Chinese female sex! Make daily skin care an integral part of ordinary women's life!

With a mission, to be responsible to the society of businessmen! Be a valuable brand!

Brand story

From the founder of conversation with a Korean friend when shopping.

The friend said Chinese girls generally are more bad skin, walking in the street female skin good few! Founder was deeply but after careful observation found that it is true, then think about lenovo side many friends, marry feel young with capital are too lazy to care skin, married basic it is around children working in the kitchen in the home, this matter has nothing to do with them, for skin care completely give up her own skin to give up their own image. So had to do a simple convenient public the idea of skin care products, so was born the ZOSEY brand, wake up the world women know skin care know a love oneself! Love yourself because the world will love you! If you are good, butterflies come!